Help Iraq provides shelter, food, clothing, help with education and medical supplies directly to our clinics in Iraq.  Below are the committees that make up the network


A nonprofit organization founded by St. Thomas, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Detroit and Adopt a Refugee Family Program.  We Help The Innocent & The Helpless People Of Iraq.

Our Administrative Sponsors

Administrative Sponsors

Our Adminiistrative Sponsors help pay for all the costs realted to run  If you’re intrested in learning more or would like to become an Administrative Sponsor contact us.


Help Iraq is a nonprofit organization founded by St. Thomas the Apostle, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Detroit under the Adopt a Refugee Program to assist persecuted Christians and other minorities in their homeland, as a result of the religious persecution of Christians in June 2014 by ISIS, primarily in villages with large Christian populations who have been displaced for over a year now. Many are living in makeshift tents, in abandoned buildings, churches & caravans. Children have been unable to attend school over the past year. In other areas, they have not attended school in years. Their homes, belongings & rights have been taken away with nowhere to turn. Help Iraq Objectives include but are not limited to providing basic daily human needs such as food, shelter, clothing and other necessities. Responding to the alarming humanitarian crisis & to raise awareness of the religious and ethnic cleansing. All donations are 100% transparent with documentation provided.

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