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$10/Month Campaign Benefiting Displaced Iraqi Students


Student 2 Student Coalition with HELPIRAQ.ORG

Student 2 Student Coalition (S2S) is a committee created under the network to provide humanitarian support and advocacy that highlights the reality and  hardships of our students. S2S is a youth movement that seeks to unite students in America with students in Iraq.

Two years ago, during the fall of Mosul to the IS, the world witnessed the suffering and persecution of Christians and other minorities in Iraq as they were driven from their homes, businesses and way of life. One of the groups affected by this humanitarian disaster were the minority students of Iraq. For many college students, education is not possible because of costly transportation and living expenses. For those who are able to pursue and education, they live in over-crowded homes with inadequate school supplies and necessities.

The Mission of S2S is to provide humanitarian aid and advocacy to the forgotten, displaced, minority Iraqi student.  We are a student led organization called to aid the displaced Christian students struggling to maintain and complete an education during Iraq’s war torn era.

Support our mission to provide humanitarian aid and advocacy by joining the $10/month Campaign. As students in America, we recognize the financial difficulties we face here – with college loans and so many other expenses – and yet we know that we have a real desire to help these struggling students. For students, $10 is the perfect amount because it would only require a couple sacrifices per month. Consider how often we buy a $4 latte or an extra appetizer.  This small sacrifice makes it possible to make this recurring $10 donation. It might not seem like a lot for our suffering students, but more than money, it is a message to them saying “We are with you. You are not alone. You are not forgotten.” As the movement grows, all of our $10 will provide educational opportunities that would not be possible otherwise.

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The Student 2 Student BLOG

2016 Highlights

January 24, 2017

April  The Birth of Student 2 Student Coalition Rafed Yaldo, co-founder of, reached out to a few of us...
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A Christmas Story – Make Hope possible through the gift of an Education

December 23, 2016

Below is a Facebook post from Noor Jumaa, one of the S2S Ambassadors. We asked her if we could post this...
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Message from the President

December 9, 2016

I have been blessed. I have been presented to work shoulder to shoulder with a team of dynamic individuals. Our...
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Student 2 Student Interview With MONALLY

This is an S2S interview with Monally, one of the 7 young women who endured a horrifying experience with ISIS fighters. These students were trapped in their home for 8 hours. They credit the Virgin Mary and their faith in Jesus as the reason they remained undetected. This interview is a powerful testimony of the strength and perseverance of the Iraqi Christian student.

Full Version of Monally’s Interview

Shorter Version of Monally’s Interview

The displaced students are living in houses funded by the Chaldean Catholic Church away from their displaced families in an effort to complete their education. The houses each contain a leader that communicates the needs and necessities of the other house members to the S2S Coalition.


Total number of houses - 15
House to Leader Ratio: 30:1
Number of beds per room: 7-9
Bathrooms per house: 3-4
Age Range: 21-25

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